Arthur Lecert

Arthur Lecert

PhD Candidate


About me

I’m currently working as a PhD Candidate in the SIROCCO team advised by Christine GUILLEMOT and Aline ROUMY. My PhD focuses on low-light image restoration in the context of autonomous vehicles for instance. I’m also a self-taught guitar player in my free time. Currently in love with bouldering.

  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Generative modeling
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Neuroevolution
  • Astronomy and space exploration
  • FOSS
  • PhD Candidate in Computer Vision, 2023

    Université Rennes 1

  • MSc in Machine Learning (French degree in engineering), 2020

    ESIEE Paris

  • Exchange semester in Machine Learning, 2018

    Polytechnique Montréal

Recent Publications

(2022). A New Regularization for Retinex Decomposition of Low-Light Images. In ICIP 2022 (Oral).

Cite Abstract

(2020). Sexing Hyalella Azteca with machine learning for bioaccumulation test. In SETAC SciCon 2.

Cite Abstract

Recent Posts

Work Experience

PhD Candidate
Oct 2020 – Present Rennes
  • Member of the SIROCCO team (Analysis representation, compression and communication of visual data).
  • Thesis under supervision of Christine GUILLEMOT and Aline ROUMY.
  • Developed new deep learning‐based methods to restore low‐light images.
  • Explored a wild range of topics (Generative modeling, Camera image processing pipeline, Physics of light, Retinex model, GANs, diffusion and flow‐based models, Contrastive learning, Classical image processing algorithms, …).
  • Used different real‐world datasets such as the Waymo dataset and satellite images provided by Airbus Defence and Space.
  • Part of a joint project with Airbus Defence and Space.
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.
Research Intern
Jan 2020 – Jul 2020 Paris area
  • Implemented a Deep Learning model capable of sexing hyalellas reaching 99.2% accuracy.
  • Created the dataset with 2000+ pictures.
  • Internship done as part of the sustainable development lab working on ecotoxicology.
  • Applied a preprocessing on the images (mathematical morphology, pattern recognition, feature extraction, …).
  • Co‐supervision of a group of 5 undergraduate students.
  • In partnership with the Gaspard‐Monge laboratory.
Research Intern
Apr 2019 – Aug 2019 Paris area
  • Developed a platform to collect and share electricity, water and gas usage data for the creation of the new Gustave Eiffel University.
  • Applied data clustering algorithms to characterize the consumption of the different buildings.
  • Identified 4 types of electricity consumption behaviors with the intention of saving energy.
  • Conducted tests with different sensors to check the feasibility of a local low‐cost solution (Internet of things & LoRaWAN).
  • Communicated with several providers to get quotations with the aim of setting a crowd flow forecasting system (counting pedestrians and vehicles).
Research Intern
Sep 2017 – Oct 2017 Paris
  • Creation of a database for decision support and trajectory planning of an autonomous vehicle.
  • Internship done as part of the RITS team (Robotics & Intelligent Transportation Systems).